For Contributors

While this site is run by, for, and with graduate nursing students, we welcome non-commercial content contributions from PhD nurses, nursing faculty, research mentors, scientific colleagues, journal editors, and our peers. We do not accept monetary donations of any kind. We would especially like to hear:

  • Personal stories from new nursing PhDs and/or current students about their dissertation experiences and initial publication experiences
  • Helpful suggestions from mentors, editors, and colleagues on any of our topics
  • Advice and tips from individuals who work for or with funding agencies or who review grant proposals about grant writing
  • Advice on presentation delivery from individuals who have been recognized as high-quality presenters

Substantial contributions (beyond providing a list of links) that are accepted for publication on this site will garner a by-line, a letter of thanks, a non-peer reviewed publication credit, and the undying gratitude of graduate nursing students everywhere.

All content must go through an approval and verification process prior to publication.

Unacceptable content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Solicitation for publications or presentations
  • Solicitation for editing, proofing, review, or other writing services
  • Links to sites with questionable ethical practices or implications (i.e. paper mills)
  • Content that is not related to writing in the academic or professional world of nursing research

If you are interested in providing content for this site, please contact our site administrator at: Please include the word “contribution” in the subject line and describe the content you propose to contribute in enough detail that we can evaluate the potential usefulness of the resource to our readers.